Selected Video/Film Credits

2014 “ Three Teachers” - selected films.

         Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center online exhibition.

        “Changing the World, One Sock Monkey at a Time” - fresh art


2013  “Inspire Together”, a day in the life at Oakland Digital.

2012 “The Ritual of Evelyn Reyes” - a five-minute video of Creativity Explored artist

          Evelyn Reyes’ creativity process.

2010 - additional editor

          “Recording Rites”  a film by Lucy Hilmer, Elfstrom-Hilmer Productions    

2009 - present       

         “Creativity Explored Artists” one minute video on each artist with developmental    disabilities. San Francisco, CA 

2006   “Songs of Spring” - documentary of a senior chorus at Mott Street Senior Center,        Chinatown New York, New York.

           producer, director, editor

          “Seeking Light” - the story of a Brazilian woman named Maria Lucia Sauer who is a fourth generation healer from Rio de Janeiro. Director of Photography, Brian Wengrofsky.


          “Suniyama”– Sri Lankan dance rituals , a film  by Ellen Fisher.


“Three Farms” – three organic farms in the Adirondack region, a film by Ben Stechschulte.

2005   editor

          “ Kohomba Kankaria”– Sri Lankan dance rituals,  a film by Ellen Fisher.

producer, director, camera, editor

“Toy Collector” - documentary short - the story of a young man with fetal alcohol syndrome.


2004    producer, camera, editor

“A man and his garden” - an art collector and his private collection of outdoor sculptures in La Jolla, CA. -

director, camera, editor

“Surviving Soho” - a documentary about a sculptor who lives in Soho. The film follows the artist’s prolific work and her struggles with eviction, New York, New York. - Cantor Film Center


“Tabaum” – Cambodia dance rituals - a film by Bruce Gunderson.

2003    director, camera, editor

           “The New Life Center” - on teenage immigrants from Fujian. New York, New York. -

1981   co-producer, writer

          “Fire and Ice” – documentary short, documentary on a fire and ice performance. Produced by WCET 48, aired on PBS, and TVB Hong Kong.