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The Glass wall

Consists of glass with 40 ID numbers sandblasted onto the surface.

Each number represents an individual who carries his or her own indentity ranging from occupation to varied cultural background all living in the United States. 1992

Potsdam Table

Unchained Blocks, Potsdam, Germany, 1998

neon, cement blocks on table with ash.

Fire and Ice

Consists of 91 blocks of ice, a total of 6,300 pounds, and 12 gallons of denatured alcohol.

1981 Ann Street Amphitheater, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1981


This  installation consists of 72 panels arranged in a grid pattern on narrow wooden shelves. Each panel is hand-painted with 768 invented characters which are reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphics. Each of the resulting characters, 55,296 in all, is unique and reflects the artist’s meditations on the subject of censorship.

inSITE 94: San Diego and Tijuana, Anthenaeum Music and Arts Library, La jolla CA.

oil on masonite panels and wood shelves

Selected works: